Premiere Office

The ideal work environment is the goal for Jeraisy Premier Office. It is seeking tirelessly to employ the latest technologies, products and services, to provide total furnishing and equipping solutions that meet customers’ needs, no matter how varied these requirements or the nature of their business may be.

Jeraisy Premier Office enjoys many advantages that make it the ideal choice for total furnishing and equipping solutions. It is the only company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is capable of merging between furniture and office technologies. It relies in this on Jeraisy Riyadh House Co. the leading player in this field. 
Jeraisy Premier Office has many other unique advantages such as a supplier list of tens of specialized companies and a huge inventory of furniture and system products supported by two of the biggest furniture factories in the Middle East. It also relies on a big professional team of designers, draftsmen, salespersons, installation technicians and a big transportation fleet. Moreover, Jeraisy premier Officer enjoys a wide reach of 24 branches and showrooms spreading all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.