Exec. President Message

The Future

“Total Furnishing and Equipping Solutions” is a slogan that Jeraisy Riyadh House has adhered to since its early founding days.
Today, we emphasize that we are still bound to working continuously to give this slogan more down-to-earth, more effectiveness and more flexibility. We are working hard to keep up with all innovations in the world of office furnishing and automation in order to create an ideal work environment for the Saudi business community.
Our efforts are not dedicated to sourcing the latest products only, but we are also giving special care to the services which represent a foundation stone in achieving our customers’ satisfaction.
For the same reason, Jeraisy Riyadh House gives special attention to training its staff and to bringing them the latest technologies to enhance performance quality. We are also very keen to be present in all the Kingdom regions wherever we have a branch. Jeraisy Riyadh House big fleet of trucks also covers all locations swiftly and efficiently under the supervision of the biggest technical work team all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
As we feel very proud of the growth and progress that we have made, we attribute all to His Grace, and to our customers who have given us continued trust and support. We assure them that we are still keeping our promise. They are our partners and their satisfaction is our main goal.
Dr. Khaled Al Jeraisy
Exec. President Jeraisy Riyadh House