Chairman Message

The P​romise

When I first set up Jeraisy Riyadh House more than half century ago, I was tempted by dreams and ambitions that I viewed then only as some sort of fantasy occurring to a beginner in business, who has nothing but dreams and good intentions. As time passed by, my dream started to turn into a reality formulating in front of my eyes. Since then I have learnt my first lesson: “Nothing is impossible for the will of God” with good intentions, hard work and persistence.
As a young businessman, my plans faced many obstacles. While I was busy trying to solve them, I discovered that most of these were either caused by me or by my colleagues. So I learnt the second lesson “It is crucial to have proper studies and planning before going to implementation”.
The growth of Jeraisy Riyadh House base of customers became the main motive for sticking work and continuous development.
I have realized that the most important pillar of success is to “keep your promises to your customers and they will not abandon you unless you neglect them”
Now, after all those long years, as Jeraisy Riyadh House has grown bigger and as a group of companies and factories are now operating under the umbrella of Jeraisy Group, we are still dreaming, learning, planning, studying and diligently working to keep the promise.
Abdurrahman Al Jeraisy,
Chairman Jeraisy Group